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Bowls Australia staff

Role Name Key Responsibilities
Chief Executive Officer Neil Dalrymple Lead Strategic planning, leadership, innovation and direction for the sport
Oversight of Board and Committee Management
Liaison with State/Territory Association Boards and CEO's
Overall Human Resource and Financial Management
Liaison with key stakeholders including ASC, ACGA, World Bowls, sponsors, media
Lead and manage policy development
Oversight of all contract negotiation with key suppliers and consultants
Bowls Operations
Chief Operating Officer Tony Sherwill Lead and manage the High Performance and Participation departments
Lead national coaching and officiating programs
Lead and oversee Events and Competitions
Lead and manage Bowls Connect
Foster relationships with participation groups (i.e. Ausrapid, AAWD, ABBA)
Liaison and linkages with the ASC, AIS, SIS/SAS and universities
Facilities and Government Relations Manager  Chris Wallace  
National Participation Manager Deborah Niccol Develop and implement programs, initiatives and resources to increase participation in the sport of bowls
Develop resources to assist in membership recruitment, retention and facilities
Lead, manage and drive participation programs such as Jack Attack, Jnr Jack Attack and
Sporting Schools Programs
Lead, manage and drive RBM program
National Coach Steve Glasson Lead and manage the High Performance program
Provide and oversee high quality training and tactical development for all squads
High Performance and Pathways Manager Peter Brown Liaise with high performance partners (ASC, AIS, STAs, ACGA, SIS/SAS)
Athlete case management
Implementation of HP Plan 2016 - 2022 and 2016/17 HP review
HP Program Administrator Leah Lazzaro (P/T) Coordinate the high performance program
Coordinate logistics for camps and team travel
NTC Coaches Vacant (QLD) Daily case management of Australian and NTC squad members as per the direction of the National Coach
Gary Willis (NSW/ACT) Liaise and communicate with STA counterparts and other program partners
Vacant (VIC/TAS)
Faye Luke (P/T) (SA/NT)
Therese Hastings (P/T) (WA)
Regional Bowls Managers (Senior RBM's Clive Adams - WA, NT and Queensland, John Emerson - Vic and SA, TBC - NSW, ACT and TAS) Craig Donaldson (NSW) Increase membership and participation across the sport
David Inglis (NSW) Provide direct support and assistance to bowls clubs with business planning, member recruitment/retention, governance, funding, programs, IT and volunteer strategies
Mark Whiteman (NSW)
Nick Hind (NSW) Facilitate the implementation of whole-of-sport programs and partnerships at club level
Brett Hughes (NSW) Liaise and communicate with STAs and other program partners
Clive Adams (WA) Attend National Development Advisory Panel and prepare reports as requested
Steve Unsworth (WA) Provide support to RBM's in assigned region with performing key functions of their role
Vacant (SA) In conjunction with STA CEO's conduct Coaching and Goal Setting Reviews twice a year
Shane Moon (SA) Organise and conduct a monthly meeting either in person or remotely with STA CEO's in region
Scot Nicolson (VIC)
Paul Jackson (VIC)
John Emerson (VIC)
Paul Holtschke (VIC)
Simon Morrison (TAS)
Vacant (P/T) (NT)
Micheal Sorrensen(QLD)
Wade Mutzelburg (QLD)
Lesley Bates (QLD)
Bowls Operations Coordinator Danielle Montague Coordination of all administrative requirements for Bowls Operations
Develop resources to assist in membership recruitment, retention and facilities
Coordination of Bowls Operations conferences and meetings
Education and Training Specialist Michael Beaumont (P/T) Coordinate and deliver coaching and officiating courses, resources, structures and programs
Liaise with STA Coaching and Officiating Committees, NOAG and NCAG
Schools and Social Programs Coordinator Clare Ward Promoting, coordinating and implementing the Sporting Schools Program, Jnr Jack Attack and
Jack Attack
Assisting with sourcing suitably qualified coaches/coordinators for each of these programs
Commercial Operations
Sponsorship and Partnerships Manager Jennifer Pitson Attract new commercial partners and sponsorships - whole of sport and BA programs and events
Manage all renewals of existing agreements with partners and sponsors
Liaise, communicate and service all Sponsors and Partners including regular reporting and evaluation
Oversight and leadership to the National Merchandising and Licensing Program Coordinator
Licencing, Products and Partnership Coordinator Andrew Gommers Coordinate the National Merchandising Program and BA E-store
Coordinate Australian Team, Board, Staff and Committee and event uniforms
Liaise and communicate with Licensing and allocated Partners
Training and Support Coordinator (Bowls Connect) Kelvin Rogers Leading the development, implementation and uptake of Bowls Connect
Providing first level support for all Bowls Connect support, training and problem solving.
To coordinate technical developments within the Bowls Connect system.
Coordinating the delivery of training for STA Super Users and club administrators
Events and Competitions Manager Andrew Howie Manage and oversee all Bowls Australia national and international events
Oversight of competition day event management
Manage sponsorship and partnership servicing at events
Competition Manager for 2018 Commonwealth Games, 2019 Asia Pacific Championships and
2020 World Championships
Australian Bowls Foundation Manager (Acting Events and Competitions Manager) Vacant Managing donations made to the Australian Bowls Foundation and the Disaster Relief Fund
Developing, promoting and managing the Australian Bowls Foundation.
Manage and oversee all Bowls Australia national and international events
Oversight of competition day event management
Facilites and Government Relations Manager Chris Wallace Implementation of National Facilities and Lifestyle Village strategy
Lease and tenancy management
Government relations and advocacy
Environmental practices and sustainability of clubs
Communications and Marketing Manager Aidan Davis Generate and manage media exposure - primary point for media queries
Manage and implement all marketing and PR campaigns including TV and live streaming
Develop and coordinate all digital content and interest in BA's social media platforms and websites
Communications Coordinator Kelsey Cottrell (P/T) Research and creation of publications and new items for all websites

Preparation of content and reporting of BA events and other programs
Media and Digital Coordinator Domenic Favata Implement the national marketing plan initiatives
Deliver marketing and promotional activities for BA events and programs
Implement BA brand and style guide
Finance Manager Glenn Hudson Manage BA finances and investments
Manage BA's statutory and reporting requirements
Financial reporting to CEO, Management and Board
People and Culture Manager Samantha Trimble (P/T) Deliver HR management activities - recruitment, performance management, welfare and policies
Provide shared service HR support for STA's
Finance Coordinator Linda Moli Coordinate accounts payable and receivable, payroll
Manage stock control
Executive Assistant Bronwyn White (P/T) Provide logistical support for Board, Audit, Risk and Policy Committee and CEO
Update policies and strategic planning reporting documents
Coordinate stakeholder relations and meetings for CEO and SCB meetings
Operations Administrator Kim Keating (P/T) Reception and customer service
Coordinate logistics and minutes for Board and CEO meetings
Liaison with DISC and City of Darebin
Coordinate office logistics, archives, historian and process accreditations for Coaches and

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